Feltham Community Online

The Feltham Community web site has been online for a number of years. Its aim is to support local residents and to help improve the local area for everyone. It provides support across Feltham, Bedfont and Hanworth helping with news, information and events.

During the recent Covid-19 crisis it helped over 130 volunteers co-ordinate their work to support hundreds of residents who needed some level of assistance in terms of shopping, prescriptions and other help. It was up and running within a matter of days and has provided support since that time.

It’s main activity area is Facebook where we operate one main group with over 13,000 members, but we’ve also created several smaller groups to help with specific activities or projects. Also residents who’ve met via the main group have also spawned many other groups around the areas of the community they are most interested in.

The site has recently reintroduced itself to Twitter, mainly as a source of news and information, but also to share information gained from our Facebook site to share with everyone and to try and provide a source of information for those not on Social Media.

Facebook: Main Group

Facebook: Jobs group, – for those looking for work or looking for local staff:

Facebook: Sports, Events and Classes group – to allow the advertising of local activities of all kinds:

Facebook: Shopping and Food Group – special offers, re-opening stores, restaurant recommendations:

Facebook: Feltham Roadworks Group – for information and updates on the everlasting roadworks, but also some venting occurs.

Twitter: @FelthamNews

and of course, this web site. If there’s something you’d like to add here, email mike@felthamcommunity.org.uk

FCDA Needs Trustees

The Feltham Community Development Association FCDA need new trustees to support their work in Feltham.

Do you have I.T, legal, governance skills and/passion for community/youth work?

Please email admin@fcda.org.uk for details. #felthamcommunity #charity

Waste Disposal – How to check a Registered Company

If you have someone offer to dispose of waste for you, it is YOUR responsibility that they are registered and will dispose of the waste correctly. If they do not, and are not registered, you can be prosecuted.To check if a company is registered, you simply need to go to the web site below and enter the company name, company registration number.

Whilst you might get a cheaper offer for someone who isn’t registered, a £400+ fine won’t make their offer cheapest if you get caught out.