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Feltham, Hanworth, Bedfont and Sunbury have stepped up and are working together to try and help those in need across our community during the Covid19 crisis.

Local COVID-19 Info

Prescription Information

We are encouraging patients to sign up for home deliveries. Most pharmacies offer home delivery service for free, and some at an extra cost.

If patients are unable to pay, we recommed Echo which runs as an App and is free.

We believe relatives should be able to collect prescriptions from GPs if the patient has rung and given the name of the person who they’ve given consent to.

Local Shopping Information

We’ve added a page with local shopping information, opening times, special times for Vulnerable people or others, any restrictions on numbers of items and links to the companies web site are all available.

Any retailer in the area is welcome to submit a form with their details to be added, and anyone can submit corrections simply by clicking a Botton on the site and letting me know what to change.

Stay Active Resources for Parents and Children

Free STAY ACTIVE resources for parents and children from Premier Education

With primary schools closing today and many families staying at home, this is a tricky time to keep children on the move.

With 20 years’ experience behind us, we thought it would be right to share our expertise and strategies to help children stay active – to keep both their physical and mental health in tip-top shape.

Now, via our Stay Active landing page parents are downloading our fun resources to keep their children healthy, happy and learning at home – in the garden or at the kitchen table. You can find resources to support your children achieve through:

Physical activity
Health and Wellbeing activity
Lifeskills activity

The content will be updated regularly so keep an eye on your email and follow our Facebook page here. Come join our ‘Community’ and use our hashtag #StayActive to share your videos and completed activities with us via social channels. Children can also keep a log or learning journal to share with us and schools.

Sign up today to download your FREE resources.

Health Visiting Duty Team

The Health Visiting Duty team are still undertaking antenatal, new birth visits and safeguarding activities and can be contacted on 0208 973 3490.

Screening questions to check for high temperature and coughing will take place beforehand over the phone, or upon arrival if previous contact has not been possible. If face-to-face contact has to be cancelled, they are still offering telephone reviews.

Baby Cafes are currently suspended but the infant feeding counsellors have confirmed their availability to offer telephone support during the same hours. The Health Visiting Duty team will be able to facilitate access to this adapted service and will also provide appropriate signposting to the NCT infant feeding line and National Breastfeeding line.