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From the 3rd August if you want to visit and use the local refuse disposal facility in Feltham, you need to have made a booking in advance. In recent weeks we’ve heard from residents that long queues had been building up on some days, to the extent that cars were actually prevented from even joining the queue at times because demand was so high.

In response the council has adopted a scheme that we’ve seen other local councils adopt and offer a booking system for residents in cars, instead of just turning up and waiting. We’ve used the system ourselves, our booking was checked, we waited maybe 10 minutes to get in and pulled into a space and the whole trip was very uneventful.

We have heard several people express their dissatisfaction with the scheme, asking why it couldn’t just have continued as it was before, and from a few people who’ve been turned away because they didn’t realise that it now operated a booking system raising questions about how widely the information was promoted beyond social media?

You can find more information about SpaceWaye and recycling and refuse in general from the council website,

You can make a booking for SpaceWaye via this link:

You’ll need to give some details about you, your car, and the items you are planning to bring with you. When you arrive you maybe asked for Photo ID, as well as proof of address alongside your booking number, however in our experience only the booking numbers was needed, and we presume they checked the car registration number.

One thing that hasn’t changed about SpaceWaye is the need to carry your refuse up metal stairs in order to drop it down into the skips, this is something that’s been wrong with the site for many years and could really do with being addressed, especially when staff are instructed not to help residents, it makes the whole process much more difficult than it should be.